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Tank Cleaning

ACTI Project Managers have over 150 years of combined experience cleaning bulk storage tanks. This level of loyalty has been earned by consistently providing safe, reliable, versatile, innovative and cost-effective services. This level of service is our commitment to all our customers.


Our pursuit of Zero Incidents is the foundation of our safety program. Safety is paramount at ACTI and this is reflected in our outstanding safety record. ACTI's tank cleaning personnel are at a minimum 40-hour HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry and Hole Watch trained. In addition, we have specialized hydroblasting, waste processing and confined space rescue training.

All employees at ACTI understand they have the right to stop work for any unsafe act. Our behavior-based safety program and senior management mentors are the leaders of our success.


ACTI is capable of providing our customers with greater cost-effective tank cleaning solutions through experienced personnel matched with a large range of cleaning equipment options. If you have special or unusual circumstances, our professional staff will work with you to develop solutions tailored to your situation.

Storage Tank Cleaning Services

Our tank cleaning capabilities includes the following types of tanks and more:

• Petroleum (gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, etc.)
• Chemical (caustic, acid, ammonia, resin, lead, etc.)
• Crude Oil (light, heavy, sweet, sour, etc.)
• Asphalt, Clay Waste, Waste Water
• Food Grade Tanks
• Rail Tank Cars
• Water Tanks
• Portable Storage Tanks
• Underground Storage Tanks
• Ocean Going Vessel Fuel and Cargo Tanks
• Tank Degassing
• Odor and VOC Control
• Specialized Pumping & Product Transfers
• 6" Submersible Guzzler Sludge Pumps (700 gpm)
• 2" - 3" Diaphragm Pumps (60-140 gpm)
• 6" - 4" Trash Pumps (750-1,800 gpm)
• High Head Pumps, Electric and Other Sludge Pumps
• Guzzler and Turbo Vac Units
• Hydroblasting (High & Low Pressure)
• Removal of Floor Coatings
• Door Sheet Cutting
• Line Flushing
• Vacuum Truck Services
• Roll-Off Bin Storage, Transportation & Disposal
• Waste and Water Minimization/Processing
• SuperMACS
• Sludge Bug
• Centrifuge
• Oil/Product Recovery
• Water Recycling
• Emergency Tank Cleaning Services


The SuperMACS is a mobile sludge extraction system designed by ACTI's 3i division for cleaning stubborn above ground storage tanks, sludge lagoon/pits, railroad tank cars and marine vessels.

ACTI understands the high cost of managing the waste generated from a tank cleaning project. The SuperMACS and centrifuge systems minimize these costs by recycling, separating and recovering water, solids and oil. Through recycling, the SuperMACS can reduce the amount of water used by up to 75% from traditional tank cleaning methods. In addition, commercial oil can be recovered up to 75% reducing the total amount of off site disposal.

The SuperMACS can be used in conjunction with our Sludge Bug, a hydraulically operated tractor like machine that is assembled inside the tank to manage thick or semi-solid tank residue. The Sludge Bug feeds sludge into a suction hose connected to the SuperMACS and is a very efficient solution to difficult cleaning problems. The greatest feature of this technology is that it reduces the liability associated with confined space entry by minimizing the time and quantity of personnel required to clean the tank.


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