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The Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System(AMECS) uses its patented technology to attach to the exhaust port of any ocean going vessel and then remove 90%-99% of PM10, PM2.5, NOX, and SO2. The AMECS system represents the only other alternative method to shore power for reducing ship-based hotelling emissions. Unlike shore power, AMECS does not require ANY modification to an ocean-going vessel. AMECS patented “direct connect” technology safely connects to each vessel exhaust port to provide 100% exhaust gas capture.

AMECS does not require major power system infrastructure upgrades that are associated with shore power. AMECS also provides peace of mind for ports and ship operators as there is no dependence on the power grid and ever-increasing utility rates. AMECS systems can be shore-based or barge-based and can be designed with capacities exceeding 50,000 SCFM. Barge-based systems can be moved from vessel to vessel to remove criteria pollutants from the vessel’s exhaust gas while the vessel is hotelling. Continuous emissions monitoring provides assurance to regulatory agencies that pollutants are being removed.

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