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Homeland Security

ACTI is fully staffed and prepared to assist local, state and federal agencies to protect the public health and welfare during times of crisis.  We currently have public/private partnership and agreements to support our public agencies and first responders in the event of a catastrophic incident. 

An important component of ACTI's business is the preparation and implementation of programs designed to respond to Homeland Security threats as well as emergencies involving biohazard conditions, major incidents as well as natural disasters.

Responding to unpredictable environmental emergencies is a complex process requiring planning and coordination having millions of dollars worth of assets, equipment and material.  We have the expertise to assist in preparing, mitigating, responding and assisting in the recovery from conditions affecting public health and safety.

In the event of an emergency, ACTI is well staffed and ready to respond.


• Avian Flu or other potential pandemics
• Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
• Mosquitos


• Earthquakes
• Extreme Weather
• Floods
• Hurricanes & Tornados
• Land Slides
• Tsunamis
• Train Derailments
• Chemical or Oil Facility Incidents

Homeland Security Threats

• Chemical
• Biological
• Environmental and Airborne Hazards

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