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ACTI formed an engineering division to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of all company operations and to devise ways to comply with ever more stringent environmental regulations.

The division is equipped with the latest in design and development software and staffed with highly qualified and experienced engineers. We take great pride in producing unique and innovative technologies for the industrial and oil industries and to finding solutions for a variety of air quality problems and issues.

The AMECS (Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System):

 AMECS  uses a tower crane to place an ACTI designed bonnet over the ship's exhaust stack to transfer the exhaust gas to a treatment system on shore or on a barge through flexible ducts.  This unique emissions treatment system removes NOx, SOx and PM from the exhaust gases. Several patents have been issued on this ground breaking technology with several other patents pending. 

The ALECS (Advanced Locomotive Emissions Control System):

Utilizing the same scrubber technology, in 2006 we conducted a successful test at Union Pacific Railroad's largest west coast rail yard located in Roseville, California.  ALECS removed airborne pollutants with 97% efficiency. 

Other emission control technologies are currently in the developmental and testing stages.

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