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Manufacturing Division

ACTI's manufacturing division is 3i.  We produce proprietary equipment and conduct applied research and development of new systems for spill, pond, lagoon, tank cleaning and for decontamination. We design, develope and produce SuperMacs, Sludge Bug, Sludge Extractor, Scrubbers, Odor Control Technologies and many other products for petroleum tank and lagoon cleaning applications.

The manufacturing division frees ACTI of production backlogs and competing priorities we would otherwise encounter if we had to rely on outside sources. This permits us to respond much more quickly to the specific needs of our customers.


(Super Mobile Automated Cleaning System.) SuperMacs is a mechanized system for liquefaction, extraction, and phase separation of industrial sludges. It is a tank cleaning system providing safe and cost-effective sludge collection, processing, and resource recovery. This unit heats, liquefies and extracts sludge with onboard equipment. The extracted fluid is then phase-separated by a centrifuge. (See Tank Cleaning)

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